What shapes the plastic manufacturing industry (structure, types, and properties of plastics)

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What shapes the plastic manufacturing industry ?

Structure of plastic raw materials:
Plastics are based on carbon atoms that are connected to one another in a chain structure. They can also link to chlorine, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, or sulfur.
The result after linking is long chains like Pearls-on-pearls string which is termed as Thermoplastic.
Now we have Thermoplastic which is one of the main highlights of the plastic raw material, which can be recycled because manufacturers can heat and melt it several times.
Plastic types:
We can divide plastics into two types: thermoplastics and thermoset materials.

Thermoplastics when heated can be molded and deformed, and they are more common than thermosets and include polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
Thermoset materials cannot be remolded after their formation, and include polyurethane (PUR), coatings, and epoxy resins.
Plastic properties:
Plastic has many unique properties because of the structure of the molecules that makes it unique material when it compared with other materials such as metals. Here are the top 6 properties for it:

• Chemically stable and Lightweight
• Water and shock resistant
• Good at electrical insulation
• Easily molded and deformed to many shapes
• Low processing cost
• Transparency

What are the industries that use plastic raw materials the most?

Plastic is the cheapest material, reducing manufacturing costs and being used in various industries. In Spain, cars, electronics, medicine, construction, agriculture, and containers all rely on plastic. PVC is used in cables, computers, mobile phones, and medical devices. Plastic is also used in construction, agriculture, and containers due to its lightweight properties and resistance to taste and odor.

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