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About Our Certification

It’s essential for businesses in Bangladesh to carefully evaluate the certification requirements relevant to their industry and ensure that their suppliers meet those standards to maintain product quality, safety, and compliance with regulations. Additionally, certification can enhance the reputation of both suppliers and their customers in domestic and international markets.


About Our Principals

16 Years of Experience in PVC Industry

We are professional partners in supply of plastic raw materials and additives, providing superior technical support during introducing of new materials into your production.


We Provide Best price & quality

We mainly supply various plastic raw materials, such as calcium carbonate, WAX, PVC stabilizer, PVC COMPOUND, PVC Resin available. we will provide you with best price and quality!

Fast and Flexible shipment.

Albatross Bd utilizes large warehouses and partner factories to efficiently arrange fast and flexible PVC plastics shipment, with a delivery time of 7-10 days.

Our Clients List

About Our Clients List

We Take All PVC Row Materials.

For more details about our company visit our contact page or call our helpline number, our representative will give you the details very quickly.

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